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Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Hybrid | Plug-In | Fuel Cell Electric

Twenty years ago, Toyota released Prius and we made our mark as the industry leader of hybrids. Since then, we’ve been furthering our quest for efficient yet powerful mobility and expanding our lineup of alternative fuel vehicles.

Now with enhanced Battery Warranty for 2020 models.

10 yr | 150,000 mi

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Toyota continues to expand its lineup of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. From the Toyota Prius and new Prius Prime and RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrids to the Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle, Toyota is leading the way in developing alternative fuel solutions and bringing the technology to drivers across the globe.

What are alternative fuels? They are any fuel or energy source other than gasoline. Toyota now boasts a range of automobiles powered by hybrid, electric and hydrogen propulsion technology. Every motorist is familiar with the popular lineup of Toyota hybrids, and these vehicles play a key part in the automaker's push for more efficient and earth-friendly transportation. Next-generation automotive technology like the Mirai fuel cell vehicle is powered by hydrogen, and its only emission is water.

Tap into the future while driving green and efficiently with alternative fuel vehicles from Toyota!

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